Days in the life of a grandpa
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Remember that feeling when you help the less fortunate?

Here's what I've been thinking. 

We've all been blessed in lots of ways. 

Most of us with good health.  Most of us with at least some friends or family who we know will always love and accept us. 

Most of us with enough material possessions to enable us to live comfortably.  Maybe not rich - but better off than most of the world's population. 

Why not share some of what we have?

Here's my plan: I will share 10% of the profits from the income generated from "Days in the life of a grandpa" subscriptions. 

I will donate it to a charity that helps disadvantaged people somewhere in the world.  I am considering several.  One is a charitable organization that supports children growing up in poverty and enables them to receive basic medical care and attend school, when these would not be possible options for them. 

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?  Helping enrich the life of someone much less fortunate than yourself?  Then join me by subscribing to "Days in the life of a grandpa"! 

It's a good feeling to help someone who can't return the favor!

I may divide the 10% I plan to give away between more than one charitable organization. 

I will continue to do this as long as this plan is stated on my web site. 

Just thought you might be interested in knowing where some of your subscription money will be going! 

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