Days in the life of a grandpa
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We offer stories that will touch your heart and refresh your day with smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love

Do you make these mistakes in what you read?

Some people read only novels.  They are entertained, but their mind is filled with the world of make-believe.

Some people only read the sports news in the newspaper or online.  They are experts about current standings and sports heros and contracts, but they know nothing about what is happening in the world around them outside the world of sports. 

Some people only read the news (in newspapers, online, or watching their TV news). 

They are so aware of all the problems in their community (and the world at large) that they become worried or pessimistic. 

You get the idea.  We could go on. Like....

Some people only read the dictionary.  They expand their vocabulary, but no one else can understand the words they are using....

OK - that last one was a stretch! 

There's NOTHING wrong with reading novels, or the sports, or the news, or the dictionary!  The point is that limiting yourself to only ONE kind of reading may give you a narrow perspective.

One type of reading that many people neglect is reading simple stories about real life - life like we all live it, with all its joys and sorrows. 

Reading about everyday ups and downs in others' lives somehow gives us a connection with other people.  We realize we are not alone in our problems when we read of others' challenges.  And we can smile and enjoy hearing or reading about successes or joyful occasions or even simple fun times in the lives of others. 

Allow yourself the luxury and reward of making a small part of YOUR reading - stories about "Days in the life of a grandpa". 

Why bother?  Because your life will be refreshed and maybe even enriched here and there, as you read about....

Smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love.

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