Days in the life of a grandpa
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They wish they lived closer....

So many families live so far apart. 

Grandparents who long to hold their grandchildren in their arms more often. 
Grandchildren who long for their grandparents’ hugs. 

And grown-up sons and daughters who wish their parents were just a little closer to lend an occasional hand or give them an occasional break with an evening out, knowing their children are with the best and safest babysitters- their own grandparents!

My wife and I live in the same town as our three married sons and one married daughter.  We get to spend time with our 11 grandchildren.

It's my purpose to spend one-on-one times with my grandchildren, sharing meaningful, fun, and exciting times that will give them lasting memories of being loved and cared about. 

I believe that will help build stability, contentment, and character into their lives.  Which is exactly what their parents - my married children - are trying to do. 

In the process I am loved and welcomed and hugged and begged for shoulder rides.  My life is hugely enriched by what I offer them. 

I am a man of faith.  As a Christian, I pray for my grandchildren as I did our own children, and encourage them in their own growing faith. 

Truly I am a blessed grandpa, to get to enjoy all this. 

I enjoy writing stories about some of my adventures with my grandchildren.  And I am sharing some of these accounts. 

Enjoy these stories of DAYS IN THE LIFE OF A GRANDPA….

Because they will give you....

Smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love.

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