Days in the life of a grandpa
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We offer stories that will touch your heart and refresh your day with smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love

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There are many online subscriptions available to the public today. 

You can subscribe to online sources of information about current events, investing, sports, pets, cooking - almost anything you can imagine. 

You can become more knowledgeable.

Why not be entertained, inspired, and refreshed too?

"Days In the life of a Grandpa" offers you this. 

I am simply a former paramedic who suddenly lost my job due to a serious car accident.  I have ongoing effects from the head injury I sustained in that accident.

I now live life at a quieter pace.  No more racing to accidents or heart attacks or serious assaults with lights flashing and sirens wailing. 

One of the highlights of my life now is simply spending time with my grandchildren. 

I write stories about some of these experiences. 

I think other people would enjoy reading some of these stories. 

So I publish them now as "Days in the life of a grandpa".  You can subscribe to these stories. 

If you subscribe today, you will be reading the first story soon.  More will follow.

You will be glad you subscribed to "Days in the life of a grandpa" because after each story you read, your heart will be touched - maybe with a tear, maybe with a smile.

Sometimes you will laugh.  Your step will be a little lighter.  You will feel refreshed.  You will be reminded of the common path we all walk through life.  One of frustrations mixed with celebrations - joys mixed with sorrow.  But real life. 

Where the rubber meets the road. 

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