Days in the life of a grandpa
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We offer stories that will touch your heart and refresh your day with smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love


Imagine this group.  Maybe you will even find yourself in it. 

Here is a high-stressed businessman.  Or a school-teacher.  A police officer.  A truck-driver.  A stay-at-home mom.  A repairman.  A salesman.  A repair technician.  A computer programmer.  Or any other occupation....

Imagine two scenarios. 

ONE - Day to day responsibilities pile stress upon stress.  There are fewer and fewer times of fun or relaxing.  The stress is felt first in the emotions.  Then physical symptoms of ill health gradually appear....

Patience wears thin.  Temper flares.  Judgment is impaired, and more decisions are made that may be second-guessed or even regreted. 

Relationship suffer as close friends or - even worse - family are offended or hurt. 

What happened?  This person forgot how to find ways to relax and recover from the stress of everyday life. 

Here is the other scenario:

TWO - Stresses rise on the job as responsibilities increase.  Problems have to be solved in the work-place.  Relationships can be challenged through misunderstandings. 

But this time the individuals rise to the challenges and face them with vigor and enthusiasm.

What happened?  This time the individuals remembered to find a way to relax and recover from the daily stresses and pressures of life. 


For some, it was getting exercise or playing a sport.  For others, it was taking personal time to be quiet.  Relaxing with a good book. 

Maybe a quiet walk.  Sitting in an easy chair with your favorite music on. 

Going out with friends for a quiet meal.  Or a noisy party. 

For some, it was reading stories that worked the magic of refreshment.

I can't tell you what kind of refreshment will work best for you.  But I will predict two things:

1.  you need to find SOME WAY of refreshing yourself
2.  the stories I have to offer could be that path to refreshment for some. 

Only you can know....

But find some way. 

I only suggest you carefully consider this offer.   

Because the right kind of story can touch your heart and refresh your day with smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love.

That's what I believe stories about "Days in the life of a grandpa" can do for you. 

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