Days in the life of a grandpa
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We offer stories that will touch your heart and refresh your day with smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love

How to enhance the benefits you already enjoy

We have already talked about the high cost of ignoring stress in our every-day lives.  

Relationships suffer.  Sleep is harder to come by, or seems less restful.  Mistakes may be made in decisions or judgment.  Eventually health may decline. 

Stress can exact a heavy toll if left unattended. 

You may have found ways to deal with much of the stress in your life.  In any of the ways we thought of already. 

A good book and a cup of tea.  A night out with friends.  Some vigorous exercise or sports.  A long walk with your dog - or enjoying the solitude of just being alone. 

If you have found some way to relieve your stress, good for you!

If you haven't yet, please explore some way of dealing with the stress we all face.

This could be a simple yet powerful way to re-charge your emotional batteries....

Even if you feel you are dealing with your stress in ways like those mentioned above, why not enhance your ability to relax and re-charge your emotional batteries by reading simple stories of love and every-day family live. 

Every-day exchanges between a grandpa and his grandchildren. 

Because some of the joy and contentment and security can rub off on you as you read these stories....

You will be glad you subscribed to "Day in the life of a grandpa" because after each story you read, your heart will be touched - maybe with a tear, maybe with a smile. 

Sometimes you will laugh.  Your step will be a little lighter.  You will feel refreshed.  You will be reminded of the common path we all walk through life.  One of frustrations mixed with celebrations - joys mixed with sorrow.  But real life. 

Where the rubber meets the road. 

That's what is offered to you in a subscription to "Days in the life of a grandpa" - Smiles, warm memories, an occasional tear - and a reminder of the power of love

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